eIDAS Regulation

A-SIT serves as an accredited as well as an internationally recognized conformity assessment body (as in Art. 3 point 18 eIDAS) for both qualified trust service providers (TSPs) and services, particularly. Thus, A-SIT represents a trustworthy and reliable partner for a strong Austrian economy in the field of digital identity management. Therefore A-SIT conducts conformity assessments for trust service providers  in accordance with Article 20 eIDAS-regulation.

Conformity assessments and legislative bases. A-SIT performs such conformity assessments as an accredited conformity assessment body. The accreditation applies pursuant to ÖVE/ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17065, and was conducted by the Austrian national accreditation body “Akkreditierung Austria”. The requirements include relevant parts of the eIDAS-regulation, see A-SIT Area of Accreditation (German). However, additional applicable standards or internationally recognized standards are taken into consideration, too.

What our customers get. The IT security experts at A-SIT conduct traceable conformity assessment investigations under objective criteria for both technical products and regulated services. Besides, the focus of the conformity assessments is still on IT systems, products, infrastructures, methods and processes in the IT-security-domain. Both the objective and neutral evaluation by A-SIT serves as a fundamental basis to achieve compliance with legal requirements in conjunction with recognized technical standards and relevant guidelines, as well as with in accordance with product-specific standards. As a result, A-SIT derives an independent and detached conformity assessment decision. Additionally, A-SIT certifies the obtained results to the supervisory body.

Added value. The conformity assessments in regulated sectors and voluntary areas increase confidence and reliability in innovative products on the markets. Moreover, it strengthens the recognition of products, services, systems and infrastructures. Therefore, A-SIT is proud to provide a list of successfully accomplished conformity assessments on particular request.

Documents. Further details, information and advice for TSPs to obtain a successful conformity assessment certification can be found in the checklist.

Note: Confirmations for Qualified (Remote) Signature Creation Devices (QSCD) are not in the scope of the Conformity Assessment Body, but part of the Confirmation Body. For more information see the respective page QSCD-Certificates under Confirmation & Evaluation.


An overview of all conformity assessment bodies and the actual accreditation of A-SIT can be found on the website of Akkreditierung Austria:


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