Electronic Delivery

In its role as an accredited conformity assessment body (the scope of accreditation includes the assessment of electronic registered delivery services in accordance with Art. 44 of the eIDAS regulation) A-SIT prepares assessments to prove the admission requirements as an electronic delivery service in accordance with Art. 30 of the Austrian Delivery Act (Zustellgesetz – ZustG).

The reports on approval as an electronic delivery service contain detailed descriptions of the assessments carried out and their results and are used for submission to the approval authority (Art. 30, para. 1 of the Delivery Act). The addressee of the report is defined in § 28a. (1) ZustG. The assessment report must not be older than two months and must be renewed every two years. The deadline for the renewed submission of the report is the date on which the approval notice becomes final. For delivery services already approved before the amendment to the Delivery Act (Federal Law Gazette I No. 104/2018), the date of the legal force of the provision in the amendment, i.e. 1 December 2019, applies in accordance with the transitional provision according to Art. 40, para. 10 Delivery Act. This means that already approved delivery services had to submit an assessment report by 1 December 2021 at the latest. An earlier submission (e.g. in July 2021) was possible, but subsequently (regardless of the date of submission in 2021) the 1 December is the latest possible submission time. The next deadline is consequently 1 December 2025.

In order to obtain a positive assessment for approval as an electronic delivery service, usually organizational, technical and legal documents that must meet both formal and content-related requirements, must be submitted to the conformity assessment body. For this purpose, a fact sheet is made available for applicants to facilitate preparing these documents and thus to quicken the assessment process and, if necessary, a jointly carried out conformity assessment procedure.


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pdf Checklist eDelivery (de) Fact sheet about assessments to prove the admission requirements as an electronic delivery service and about conformity assessments of electronic delivery services (in German)
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pdf Price Sheet (de) Price Sheet for Conformity Assessments (in German)
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pdf A-SIT NDS Non Disclosure Statement
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