Technology Monitoring

To maintain its expertise A-SIT carries out continuous research and technology monitoring. We focus on technologies that are expected to become relevant for public authorities in near future. The emphasis in the last years was on:

  • Cryptography and signature algorithms: Being a certification body and conformity assessment body under eIDAS, knowing the state-of-the-art of cryptographic protocols is an essential basis.
  • Mobile devices and cloud computing: Given the variety of platforms and their dynamics, mobile and cloud environments give particular challenges, like in BYOD projects of public authorities.
  • Security in payment systems: New technologies like mobile payments or block chain, as well as PSD2 come  with information security challenges.
  • Electronic identity and electronic signatures: In this area – also stemming from its role as certification body and conformity assessment body – continuous monitoring of technological progress is important.


Recent results are published via the A-SIT Technology Server.