Get more information. To cope with both the speed and complexity of emerging changes in an ever-changing threat landscape, a professional perspective beyond cyber security, digital resilience in the IT world, and reliability of qualified electronic signature solutions on the basis of resilient cryptographic techniques. A-SIT differentiates between publicly available and non-publicly accessible documents, rigorously. Therefore, a publicly accessible overview of key findings, achieved results and future trends in IT-security is available on the following pages.

Next to global technology trends, increased regulations and, as a result, a stricter compliance environment as well as an ever-changing user behaviour of devices affect society, many industries and the government sector. This triggers a permanent development of cross-functional solutions based on newly-created technologies, powerful hardware and solid methods. However, the mentioned opportunities also increase the complexity of integrated solutions. Alongside to the rapid change and development of innovations, this reality also results in uncertainty. Furthermore, it has impacts on the involved actors and their personal risk factors. The presentations published here will help you with your orientation to obtain a quick understanding.


File Description File size
pdf A Critical View on Cloud Computing (de) IT-Forum of the Austrian hospital operators, Graz (October 2019, slides in German)
1 MB
pdf eIDAS Identity Matching in Austria CEF Identity Matching Webinar (April 2019)
473 KB
pdf Remote-QSCD: Solutions, Certification, and Use 29. SmartCard Workshop, Darmstadt (February 2019)
600 KB
pdf eIDAS in Austria: State-of-Play Workshop BRZ (October 2018, slides in German)
2 MB
pdf Austrian eID European Commission Webinar – eID under eIDAS (March 2017)
519 KB
pdf Austrian Experience with Mobile ID vs. Smartcard ID Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE 2016), Paris (November 2016)
1 MB
pdf BenutzerInnen im Spannungsfeld (de) Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG), Graz (October 2016, slides in German)
2 MB
pdf Sicherheits-und Datenschutzaspekte von Big Data (de) ADV-Conference Big Data 2016, Vienna (September 2016, slides in German)
1 MB
pdf SUNFISH Project Overview Euritas Workshop "Going deep into Horizon 2020", Genua (September 2016)
934 KB
pdf Digital Austria = best practice in eEurope Impact 2016, Krakow (June 2016)
2 MB
pdf Austrian eID and its road to eIDAS eYou in the EU, Den Haag (June 2016)
2 MB
pdf eSignatur- und Siegel Anwendungen in Österreich (de) Workshop electronic seals, Berlin (March 2016, slides in German)
3 MB
pdf Usage, experiences and road ahead for Austrian mobile eSignatures e-Signatures & e-Seals Workshop, Brussels (February 2016)
4 MB