Based on the know-how acquired over many years of both theoretical and practical work in a scientifically managed quality and proven in a large number of sensitive projects, A-SIT draws up authoritative expert opinions.

Proven quality. Our official expertise makes absolutely clear statements about the suitability of innovative products and services in the IT security domain. For this purpose, A-SIT investigates whether both technical and organizational prerequisites have been met and derives a summary assessment pursuant to both the prerequisites and the measures of necessary operating conditions. The topics and sectors mainly include:

  • E-government
  • Electronic signature systems
  • Health care systems
  • IT security
  • Networking infrastructures
  • Payment systems

Qualified decision-making for organizations. A-SIT builds official reports for regulators, governments and private organizations as a sound basis to informed decision-making. The research is conducted on the basis of objective test criteria, the application of global standards as well as targeted to international best practices and reasoned analyses, including the current state-of-the-art.

Partner for comprehensible statements. A-SIT is an objective and neutral partner for the engineering of comprehensible technical reports. We obtain conclusions and a precise expert opinion from our investigations. In addition, we apply our know-how to achieve improvements about security measures and to construct precise recommendations for their implementation.

Dissemination and constraints. A-SIT is proud to provide evidence that the relevant requirements have been accomplished. This can be achieved by publishing an executive version of the official expert opinions on particular request. This is done exclusively at the explicit request of the client concerned. Furthermore, this summary expressly does not contain any sensitive data worthy of protection (e.g. technical details), pursuant to our strict confidentiality and integrity rules and procedures.