Citizen Card / ID Austria

The citizen card concept is literally the key element of e-government. Its purpose is to assure a person’s identity in an electronic fashion. Areas of application are for instance electronic filing of applications, electronic signatures or simply the logon to a website.

A-SIT was significantly involved in the development of the citizen card concept in Austria and furthermore is in charge of the editorial supervision of the citizen card information platform

With the regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS), the EU created a regime for mutual recognition of electronic identification (eID). The goal of this initiative is to make national electronic identification concepts interoperable to each other and also mutually accepted. In this context A-SIT was also participating in transnational projects such as Secure Identity Across Borders Linked (STORK) to test concepts in a large scale pilot and to develop an eID prototype.

Please note that since December 5th, 2023, the citizen card has been replaced by the newly developed and redesigned ID Austria.

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