Know how needs in a globally digital world. The development of innovations as well as advancements, in addition to the increasing complexity of computer systems and their high degree of interconnection via computer networks, result in a permanent need of knowledge. Furthermore, the rapid development of innovative attack strategies and the associated threat landscape leads in short intervals to the development of new and implementable know-how about complicated risk scenarios. This often produces large but very valuable and big data sets.

Dissemination of results via events. A-SIT appreciates the opportunities and challenges associated with increasing digitization ahead. As a result, A-SIT and its partner organizations make efforts for more than a decade to promote the early recognition and accelerate the timely visibility of security initiatives and particular IT-security events. In order to cover the knowledge requirements and to minimize the extent of the identified uncertainty about the particular relevance of events, A-SIT actively contributes to their transparent dissemination with this serviced event calendar.

In order to present a well-founded overview of current progress and recommended findings, you will find categorized details about events in the area of IT security presented here.

Current Events:

  • Currently no events

Event Archive:

  • 15th German IT-Security Congress:
    From 16th to 18th May 2017 the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) held the 15th German IT-Security Congress in Bonn. Topic of the Congress was “Digital Society between Risk Willingness and Security Requirement”. .
  • ViS!T 2016:
    Verwaltung integriert Sichere !nformationsTechnologie from 28th to 29th June 2016 in Bern (CH), Motto of the 8th symposium: “IT-Security in practical application”.